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Heat Tape - 4" (RSC)


Reptile heat tape is ideal for use under large caging or rack systems.

RSC brand Heat Tape is made with stronger plastic and more durable than any other brand on the market.

Size: 3" (6w)

SOLD BY THE FOOT (in one continuous piece, unless instructed otherwise)

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Volume discounts

50 $2.25 $5.00
100 $2.20 $15.00

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Reptile heat tape is ideal for use under large caging or rack systems.

Can be cut to the length required and is SOLD BY THE FOOT. The Quantity entered is the number of feet ordered. Does NOT include wire/clip/insulator set which must be ordered separately, if needed.

6 watts per foot


No warranty is offered on heat tape. The end user is responsible for all installations and use.

1. Never plug in heat tape while it is rolled or overlapping as unsafe heat buildup will occur, which will lead to immediate or future failure.

2. Never use heat tape on carpet or other similar surfaces - even with a thermostat. Always provide a gap (at least 1/8") on at least one side of the heat tape to allow proper airflow. Do not use heat tape under material thicker than 1/2", including cage substrate.

3. Heat tape should never be used without a thermostat. Never use heat tape plugged directly into a power source. Always place the temperature probe on the hottest area of element.

4. Heat tape should be regularly inspected to make sure that no part of the element is getting over 105° F, and that it is lying flat and smooth.

5. Never mix heat tape sizes/wattages on one thermostat.

6. If the heat tape is in contact with any metal surface, the metal surface must be grounded, to avoid possible shock hazard.  If using metallic (aluminum) tape to fasten the heat tape, do not overlap any of the electrical areas in the element (e.g. black conductive bars or copper buss bars).