How Does Drop Shipping Work?

No inventory costs or shipping logistics to deal with. No warehouse or employees to manage. Products are sent directly from us to your customers, but appear that they came from you.



A customer places an order from your website, social media, or brick and mortar store (e.g. special order if you don't carry a particular item in your retail store).



Log in to your approved drop shipping account and place the order, changing the shipping address to your customer's shipping address during check out, and add a note in the comment section stating that it's a drop ship order.



We pack and ship your order directly to your customer, without adding any type of literature to the inside or outside of the box that would indicate where it was shipped from. The return address on the label will show your name or company name so that it appears it came from you. 

That's it!

Our shipping team is now at your disposal. Our warehouse is now YOUR warehouse.


NOTE: You will only see TRUE Wholesale Prices when logged in to your dedicated drop shipping account. Your profit is the difference of our wholesale prices and what you charge your customer (excluding shipping). 

Send us an email if you're ready to get started!