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    The Herpstat 1 SpyderWeb is the first in a new series that puts that control and monitoring ability into the hands of our customers. Local and remote based monitoring, email monitoring, data graphing, over the air updates, and more. Features up to 4 periods per day to mimic nature.

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    These are the second most popular heat packs for shipping live reptiles during colder months. When used properly, heat packs ensure your animals make it to their destination safely. Best for three - four day, ground shipping

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    Lugarti's Reptile UV Index Meter allows you to measure your light's ability to produce vitamin D3 and determine the appropriate exposure for your animal. It offers the convenience of a single button and a handy Ferguson Zone chart right on the front.

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    Lugarti’s Premium Gecko Diet is a complete and balanced diet for all fruit-eating geckos. It’s made with the highest quality, human grade ingredients, including Whole Dried Fruits, Whey Protein Isolate, Whole Dried Egg, Flaxseed, Bee Pollen, Algaes, Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, and Dubia Roaches! Size: 5 lb (80 oz)