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    Buy Wholesale Reptile Heat Cable For Sale at Bulk Prices!

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    • $12.99 In Stock

      High quality Aluminum Foil Tape! Great for affixing heat tape or cable. Also used for lining light fixtures, holding reflective coatings on walls, and more! Size: 1.5" wide - 1.2 mil thick - 150 feet (50 yards)

    • $36.99 In Stock

      Repti Heat Cable allows you to put the heat right where you need it. Wrap it around branches or cage furniture! Use it underneath the tank or in breeder racks! Flexible, water resistant, and durable Repti Heat Cable has numerous uses for the professional or the hobbyist. Size: 100w (39')

    • $29.99 In Stock

      Lugarti’s Reptile Heat Cable allows you to place heat exactly where you want it, inside or outside the terrarium. It can be wrapped around wood or other decor, taped underneath or on the outside wall (with electrical tape - glass tanks only), used to heat incubators, or installed in multilevel rack systems. Size: 100w (39')

    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items