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The World's Most Extensive Reptile Supply Company, offering true wholesale and distributor prices to everyone.

  • All Reptile Products from all Manufacturers
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Individuals (Public)

If you love reptiles and want to save the most money on your reptile supplies and feeders, your search is over. RSC offers the absolute lowest prices on reptile supplies anywhere!

Got a lot of mouths to feed? Be sure to check out each item's Bulk Prices where you have access to purchase products at true wholesale prices!

New Businesses

Looking to start a reptile business but don't think you can compete with the big guys? Don't want to spend the years and hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to get the real, deep discounts? RSC levels the playing field so that YOU can hit the ground running! With our Bulk options, you have access to prices it usually takes a company years to get, instantly.

Existing Businesses

If you're a business owner wanting to lower expenses, gain deeper discounts, simplify accounting, increase margins, and gain an edge over your competitors, RSC is your solution. 1.) You most likely aren't offering half the products you have access to on RSC. 2.) You're probably paying separate shipping with various suppliers. 3.) You're most likely not getting each supplier/manufacturer's best discount (even if you think you are).

RSC gives you the opportunity to save money and time by offering ALL products from ALL manufacturers from ONE supplier. There is NO other supplier with a larger offering of Reptile Supplies than RSC. Do the math on how much you're spending on various shipping charges alone and you'll see that RSC will save you the most money in the end. Yes, even if you're getting free shipping on certain brands from a distributor.


If you operate a Zoo or a Rescue, you already know that purchasing in Bulk saves you a TON of money. RSC takes things a bit further by offering the deepest discounts anywhere for large orders, which allows you to stay focused on your important mission.


You guys have prices way lower than Amazon!

- Cassey B. (New York)

This is amazing! I already saved a hundred dollars on my first order! Thank you guys VERY much!!!

- Tracy P. (Texas)

You had me at, Wholesale Reptile Supplies...

- Cheryl N. (Florida)

I purchased a bunch of products from you guys and was able to turn around and sell them at better prices than anyone else and still make a decent profit. This is awesome!

- Nick G. (Arizona)