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Bug Boundary - 1 oz


Bug Boundary was created in order to tackle the problem of escaped insects. It is long loasting, non-toxic and easily paints onto any smooth surface, such as glass, plastic or metal. Once allowed to dry, it forms a barrier that prevents insects from crossing.

Size: 1 oz

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One jar of Bug Boundary will be enough for many applications to your glass tanks, plastic containers or virtually any non-porous surface that you use to house your feeders. Once dry, Bug Boundary will not melt, enter the enclosure or be consumed by your feeders or your pets.

  •   Dust and dirt will not stick to Bug Boundary.
  •   Feeder insects cannot gain a foothold on a Bug Boundary surface.
  •   One application will last! No more daily or weekly applications of sticky or oily substances that attract dirt dust and kill feeders.
  •   Fast Drying
  •   Creates a non-toxic barrier that will not harm pets or feeder insects.
  •   No more messy petroleum jelly or escaping insects.


A paint brush and instructions.